Tank Ball is a game project you can create at CGCookie.com . The course for this game will be published the first week of December 2018. 

The premise of the game is simple, destroy the other tank. The catch is that you cannot move your tank directly but instead must rely on the recoil forces of your the turret firing to slide across the map. Projectiles ricochet and apply damage. 


  • The controls are quite simple, use the mouse or arrow keys to rotate your turret.
  • Launch a ball by pressing left click on your mouse or space bar on the keyboard.

Tank Ball CGCookie

Learn how to build this game at CGCookie!

Install instructions

Download the file for your platform then unzip the file. You'll find a file within called Tank Ball with the game's logo, click that to start the game. 


TankBall_Windows.zip 64 MB
TankBall_OSX.zip 70 MB
TankBall_Linux.zip 69 MB

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