Portalethium is a scifi based tower defense game made by the crew at CGCookie. Everything in the game was created with Blender and Unity. In a traditional tower defense sense, you buy turrets (weapons) that defense your towers (portals). 

You start the game off with a specific amount of credits to purchase the turrets and you must survive wave after wave of enemies both land based and air based.

You have an arsenal of 3 TURRETS to ward off your enemy:

The Cannon

As a base turret, this weapon fires a slow-but-steady round at short-range enemies. It may not seem like much, but it can save your bacon when you don’t have many credits to spend.

The Gatling

This weapon has a bigger range than the canon and a higher rate of fire. But those enhancements come at a higher cost of your credits.

The Missile Launcher

She’s the most expensive turret with the biggest range and firepower. But the catch is she only fires flying drones, not land enemies.  


3 different enemy types are constantly making a break for your portal:

The Moto

These two-wheeled blue buggers are your fastest enemy. Yet they are also your weakest foe. You'll have to act quickly to take down them down, but you won't need much firepower to do so.

The Tank

These green juggernauts are the slowest of the enemy hoard. But what they lack in speed they make up for in armor. You'll need plenty of time, cannons, and gatlings to ward off tanks.

The Drone

What's that in the sky? It's a bird it's a plane it's a...cliché example! The purple drones are the only airborne enemy and thus can only be engaged by your missile launchers. It can be easy to forget to look in the sky but, for the love of your home planet, don't! Lest the drones quietly rob you of victory.


Point and click to select the turrets you want to purchase, then point and click on the available areas on the map denoted by a green outline. 

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