Eat More Sheep

Save Melvin from going hungry! The goal of this game is simple, eat sheep to satisfy your hunger. Traps will make it tricky to get to your next meal so you need to be quick and nimble. Beware of the depths below or you'll fall flat on your face!

Meet Your Cast

This game is comprised of two main characters, Melvin and the Sheep. 


Melvin is your main player and he's quite hungry. You have full control of him by using the right and left arrow keys or the A and D keys on the keyboard. You can also have him jump into the air with the space bar. Get close to the sheep and you'll automatically start eating.


The sheep lived a simple life of grazing until Melvin came into the picture. Upon sensing Melvin they'll run away and fall off platforms if need be to avoid being eaten.


Traps will make it none too easy to acquire your next meal. You'll face two main traps.

Shooting Trap

These guys shoot out spike balls that will hurt Melvin if he comes in contact with them. Avoid them at all costs. Beware these may sometimes lurk beneath platforms ready to catch you as you jump across. 

Smashing Trap

Can't jump over these. The smashing trap  smashes down fast and comes with added spikes so avoid running into these. 


If traps and plunging depths were not enough, Melvin is getting hungry and quickly. You must eat sheep to relieve your hunger. If you want to continue jumping and running you need to find your next meal quick before your hunger meter reaches 0 and you turn into a ghost of your former self.

Build Your Own Version

Build your very own 2.5D adventure game complete with 3d props, environment assets and two animated characters. Learn game logic in a beginner friendly way with visual scripting! Get access to the massive course on learning how to build this game here:

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